Los Autenticos Cuban Cafe

Near the corner of Goldenrod in Colonial, I stumbled upon this hidden gem nestled in a stereotypical run down strip mall (the likes of many others that are an eyesore in our city) I can’t tell you how many times I’ve driven past this place without even noticing it. Nevertheless, I was on the hunt for a good Cuban sandwich, and I pulled in. Wearily, I parked my car yet left it running as I left my passengers who were safely buckled up to check out the scene.

The outside is nothing fancy, short of a horror movie, and I had just about turned around and headed back to my car to go somewhere else when I reached the door to peek inside. To my surprise there was actual effort put in to the indoor environment. It had some character to which I felt like I had entered an actual Cuban restaurant, temperature and all, not just some place in a ghetto strip mall. Needless to say, I gathered my amigo and chiquito and we went inside.

We stood at the entryway with a befuddled look upon our faces when the hombre behind the counter directed us to the menus and told us to take a seat. A grabbed one of the grimy highchairs and quickly covered it with We glanced over the selections and had trouble choosing because of all of the offerings, which all sounded delicious. Post selection, we sat at the table with the preconceived notion that someone would be around to take our order. I quickly realized, after seeing other regular patrons order at the counter, that we were waiting in vain. I stepped up to the counter and quickly noticed their futuristic coffee machine centerpiece before placing my order for a regular Cuban, Media Noche (regular cuban with sweet bread), sweet plantains, and a Colada (double shot of strong espresso).

Twelve to thirteen words into reading this you may have realized that the food was good, short of amazing. The meats were bountiful and full of fresh flavors. The bread was perfectly pressed creating the sought after “crisp to soft” ratio. The sandwiches were served with a side of homemade fried plantains which were delicious, however the side lacked the quantity to satisfy. Luckily for us, we had ordered a side of sweet plantains.