Porkies BBQ Apopka : All the pork!

Nothing says love quite like a Jumbo Sliced Pork Sandwich on garlic toast with a side of dirty taters and baked beans! I crave this meal seemingly daily, and I have only Porkies to blame. Located in the center of downtown Apopka, Porkies has managed to create what I consider to be the perfect sandwich. A generous pile of thick sliced, smoke ring circled, melting fatty pork in between 2 slabs of mouth watering garlic toast. Top that with their best sauce, the Porkies Gold (a golden colored gift from the heavens) and you have found Nirvana. Take that Buddah! Seriously, there is nothing in town that has come quite this close perfection.

The chicken is another high point for me. If you get there for lunch or dinner, rest assured that the chicken is going to be juicy, seasoned perfectly, and mouthwatering. Their brisket, typically served chopped, is almost always on point (just watch out if you’re there mid day, as it can dry out a bit between lunch and dinner.

Sides are another place where Porkies Apopka excels. The collard greens are amazing with just a dash of their pepper sauce. The dirty taters are potato’s perfected and the black eyed peas, which don’t get enough attention, are excellent!

Never forget about the banana pudding, and always ask if they have carrot cake. Both are the perfect way to polish off a meal.

OK, so now that I’ve got all the great stuff covered, here’s the deal. Porkies makes fantastic BBQ, and some other stuff. The other stuff is pretty bad. The Monster Ribeye/Never Forget sandwich is underwhelming and the Cuban is an insult to cuban sandwiches. It’s like they weren’t satisfied with making solid BBQ, so they decided to add some mediocre dishes to round out the menu thinking it would appeal to a broader audience. Unfortunately, these second tier meals really turn people off. There was a long gap between visits for me a few years ago when I tried the Monster Ribeye sandwich. It was a mess of over cooked beef, burned peppers and onions, and a bland sauce. Basically, a terrible version of a cheese steak minus the cheese. Don’t get me started on what they have the audacity to call a cuban. Porkies owner Steve White knows that it’s not a traditional cuban, admitting it on his Facebook page when he promotes the restaurant, but no one else knows until they order it. I made this mistake once, and nearly drove back to get a refund. Call it anything else, but Cuban it is NOT.

Phew! … Now that I’m done with my complaining, here’s the short story. Porkies Apopka makes smokey, meaty goodness on a daily basis. Their pork, brisket, and chicken are all on point! The staff are always fantastic, and have been nothing but super cool to me and the crew! I’ve got an addiction to that pork sandwich on garlic toast, and there is no other place in town that comes close.

Visit Porkies, try the BBQ, and stay away from the rest! 🙂

Porkies BBQ
256 East Main Street
Apopka, FL 32703


P.S. : Try the tater hash if you’re a potato fan.