Smiling Bison #2

Good news for all the Bison fans out there! The Smiling Bison, a concept born from some young and talented local chefs, has decided to expand! Chef/Co-Owner Josh Oakley, formerly of Cask and Larder / Ravenous Pig and GM/Owner Ron Thomas have signed a lease agreement for space in Sanford on the east side of Magnolia Square which will put it right next to¬†Hollerbach’s Willow Tree Cafe. A bold move to say the least.

We’re not exactly sure if the new location will continue to use the Smiling Bison name or if the duo plan to create something new.

Check out this post from The Bokey for all the details.

On a side note, get the Bison burger and some watermelon salad. YUM! Sorry, it’s tough to get a good shot in the darker lighting inside, had to use the flash.