The Whiskey – Coming Soon!

It’s not going to be too much longer until The Whiskey opens it’s doors in Dr Phillips. I don’t have a lot of news to share at this point, but I have some photos from their Facebook page, and they say a lot about what to expect. The menu consists of a variety of small plates with the bulk being a cool selection of signature burgers. The clear standout being The Vanderbilt! Here’s the description…

The Vanderbilt
This is Chef Steven’s special creation for all you foodies out there. Fresh wagyu steak, pan seared duck foie gras, black truffle gouda, whiskey onions, saffron aioli on an artisan bun. Served with a Flute of Moet Champagne. Decadence step aside — The Whiskey will take if from here.

Care to take a stab at the price? Try $100! Insanity for sure, but I know someones going to order it.

On a side note, that Bill Murray photo is pretty sweet and I need to get one!

Check out their website for the food and drink menus @